Who Am I?

I am a mixed media artist living on the California Central Coast. I use a variety of materials–some found in nature, others man made. I use multiple processes and techniques to make my work. Currently, the content of my work focuses on the arbitrary meanings associated with words.

My History

It took a long time to complete my undergrad degree. I started part-time at a branch of Ohio State University. Then I did a year at Youngstown State University. I took some classes at Columbus College of Art and Design. Nearly finished an undergrad degree in ceramics at Ohio State, but moved to New Jersey. While there I was accepted to the BFA program at Mason Gross (Rutgers), but decided not to go when they wanted me to take intro classes. After I moved to the California Bay Area, I found bronze at California State University, Hayward. I completed my undergrad degree there. Apparently, I was on the twelve year plan.

I do not regret the time that it took to complete my undergrad degree. The result was having the pleasure of taking classes from some amazing artists. One of those artists was teaching at Cal State, Hayward. One day he took me to tea and suggested that I apply to grad school. He wanted me to attend the school he had. Instead, I chose to leave the California Bay Area for Washington State University and the Palouse. I spent the first year as a research assistant on a vapor glazing project and the second year as the ceramics tech assistant. I spent two years at WSU and left with an MFA in sculpture.

After grad school I taught in a variety of settings–community colleges, a children’s art program, and a forensic psychiatric facility. During that same time I began working for the family software company. We produced products for language, learning, and speech. I liked the work because the products were designed to help people. My nephew suffered traumatic brain injury and many folks helped him. I couldn’t help him, but some of the projects I worked on helped individuals who sustained traumatic brain injury. In a small way I gave a bit back.

While working for the software company, I authored Sight Words (our only DVD), Appearances can be Deceiving, a visual discrimination CD, and 4 app projects–And, Or, But… Following Simple Directions, Reading For Details I, Reading for Details: Stories for Early Reading, and Learning Sight Words.

My studio work has been greatly influenced by my experiences working on software projects. Many of the projects dealt with language. I became interested in the arbitrary definitions given to words. And can words with negative connotations appear beautiful when the letters of the words are presented in code.